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Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Readings

With 20 years of reading experience, let me help you though some of life's toughest moments. Through conversations and energy work, I tap into your own energy and search through universal answers. I accommodate phone readings at 15 or 30 minutes, or even e-mail readings.  Parties available upon request. This will require more in depth planning and personalized invoicing. Find readings in my shop HERE. 


Allow me the honor to look into what sort of fates are found in your hands. I take a unique approach and use photos of your hands, find the best contrast to best see your fine details, and trace over the notable lines and markings. I then write a very detailed summary of my findings. This not only lets you have a copy of what i have found, but it also allows you to see these markings in your palms as well. 

To request a palmistry reading, find the item in my shop HERE, then either email your images to OR text them at 313-600-4427. 

I will require your name, date of birth, and dominant hand. 


I have been an ordained minister since 2016. I recognize that not every couple is connected to a specific church or religion. With my own eclectic spirituality, I like to work with the happy couple to cater their ceremony to their relationship. Whether it be traditional vows, pagan roots, or full of fan references I am happy to orchestrate a special ceremony for you.  If you are looking to have an unique ceremony to celebrate your love please contact me  to check for availability. In most cases I will require at least a month's notice. 

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As more time comes and goes I am looking forward to adding more services such as a house cleansing or blessing, baby blessings, and more.   

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