Information & Tips


* All sales are final.

* We are currently only able to ship within the United States. 

*Wholesale options are available by contacting us via E-mail. 


Due to the small batch nature of our products, there may be some variances in  completed projects between orders made. 

Because we do not use stabilizers or preservatives in our products many of our salves, balms, and masks may soften in travel to your home, or in temperatures above 76'F. This will not change the efficacy of the product, simple return it to a cool place where it can solidify to its intended state. 


Wash all crochet items on the most gentle setting. Be mindful to wash the items without items that include zippers, Velcro, or loose buttons/sequins as they can damage the fibers of your item. 

Unless specified you can tumble dry your crochet items on a low setting. I recommend a fabric softener to reduce fraying, pilling, and to help the overall longevity of your item.