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Saturday Sample Share! Facebook event!

 Saturday, Like and Share Celt Heart Facebook posts to enter to win Free Featured Samples! Samples will change week to week and will have a limited supply. 

BST Tattoos in Westland, MI  is now carrying our Tattoo Moisturizer! 

Mama Tracy's in Dearborn Heights is now carrying a wide selection of our products. There will be many more to come as more requests come in!


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I have created a Patreon page to help get the word out and share some extra information with you all for my creating process. By becoming a patron, you gain benefits as small and being the first to the new products, first to blogs and other projects I'm working on, to receiving free products. This amazing site helps support artists and creators achieve their goals while keeping you in the loop of the cool things they are working on. All support ( even as small as sharing the page to your social media accounts) is greatly appreciated. You can find my Patreon HERE. I also encourage you to check out some of the other amazing artist and writers. There is a lot of interesting content available.  






We Now have Demo Videos available covering a variety of subjects!